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Mylk with a Why

Popping up on Australian shores as the first international transplant of a well-loved Taiwanese tea, NUTTEA brings a fresh, plant-based alternative to the dairy-heavy bubble tea market. Blending in-house nut mylks to unite Australia’s dairy-free team, NUTTEA’s are free from cows, cruelty and commercialised crap and are good for you and the planet.

NUTTEA is enjoyed by coffee and tea lovers alike, our drinks make it easier for vegans, the lactose-intolerant, dairy no-goers, and eco-conscious consumers enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer and live their best plant-powered life.

We harvest our nuts from communities that specialise in almond, cashew, macadamia, walnut and hazelnut crops and our careful nut selection, roasting, and cold-pressed extraction method ensures that we maintain quality control over every mylk product we serve.

Recognising how difficult it can be to get a no-nasty treat when you’re out-and-about and on the go, NUTTEA makes it easy to stick to your guns and live that dairy-free life. Our drinks are Packed with Omega-3s and Vitamin Es so it’s hard to not want to join the NUTTEA revolution. We’re good for the planet and great for the cows, we’re creating a better world for you and me.

From Farm to Cup


We use the highest quality nuts sourced from the best producing countries e.g. Macadamia from Australia

Growing to Maturity

The seedling takes three to four years to grow, until it is ready to harvest


After six to eight months of growing to maturity, nuts are hand harvested and plucked


Hand picked nuts go through a rigorous process of fleshing, fermenting, washing, drying, removing the shell and polishing

Export Output

After classification and grading, nuts are packed in the best storage and transported to NUTTEA's factory


After receiving the nuts, our professional quality control experts will make a complete evaluation based on appearance, smell and flavour to get the best ratio and baking curve


NUTTEA uses shallow slow roasting to ensure the roasting process results in the best tasting and aromatic nuts

Cold Pressing and Emulsification

Roasted nuts are cold pressed and made into our signature Nut Mylk using our perfected extraction method

A cup of tasty NUTTEA

Our rich and fragrant Nut Mylk is then paired with premium tea and real fruit to create the perfect cup of NUTTEA!

Join the NUTTEA family and make a difference.

We are looking for enthusiastic and passionate individuals who want to be a part of a franchise network that not only offers great financial reward but provide customers a chance to create change and make a difference